Here are some common questions about us answered. If, after reading this information, you need to know anything else then feel free to Contact Us. We will be more than happy to help.

What is your turnaround?

We work towards a 3-5 workings days from sign off of the artwork unless you require a bespoke sign such as built up letters then we work to a 5-7 working days turnaround.

Do you work over the weekends?

The warehouse where we produce our signs is only open weekdays Monday to Thursday 8am – 5pm and Friday 8am-2.30pm  but our installation division work over the weekend to meet our clients deadlines.

What if I need my sign tomorrow?

This can be achieved but will incur a premium charge according to what is needed to be done.

Can you do a site visit so we can show you what we want?

We can do site visit but this will incur an additional charge of £28 which will be deductible if you go ahead with the work.

What is the biggest size you can print up to?

We can print anything up to 2m wide.

We don’t have any artwork can you do it?

We have a dedicated design team to work around your vision and requirements to produce the vision you had brought to life.

What format do we send the artwork in?

Short Answer

We like 300DPI PDF, Ai or EPS files set to 100% of the size you’d like printing.

You can read more details below in the “Long Answer”.

Long Answer

We only deal with original high resolution PDF or EPS formats to insure that you get the best quality out of your signage. The File Types we accept are as follows:

.ai (Illustrator)


.cdr (Corel Draw file)


Please note that all artwork that is not a form of image within these file types needs to be vector based. Any logos, text, etc will only be accepted in vector format as the print quality is often too poor when printed as a pixel based file.

When supplying us with an Illustrator or Corel file we request that you produce the artwork at 100% scale whenever possible. We also require any text supplied to be converted to outlines/curves. This means that if you require a font that we do not have on our system, we can still supply your product with the font you request. Alternatively you can supply the font you require.

If your artwork requires anything in a photo format, the artwork must be a minimum of 500dpi and 25% of the size the image is to be increased to (eg.:48”x36” finished image would be 12”x9”). However, we do request that when possible you produce your artwork to final size to prevent later quality issues. Please note that if you do provide a pixel based image the print quality and colour can not be guaranteed as there is no way to adjust the colour to suit the printing process.

In terms of colour, our printers work with CMYK inks. However, in order to provide the correct colours for our clients we ask that any specific colours required are stated in Pantone reference. We then match these colours to our Pantone book when printing. If you are unable to match your colours up to the correct pantones you may supply us with CMYK references, which we will then match up to the closest Pantone available.