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One Way Vision


Display some amazing graphics with our printable window film. The good thing about one way vision, is using your window space to display your product / advert while still being able to see out of the window from inside the building. One Way Vision is designed for use on vehicles and shop / business window's to create a bigger area for your advertising needs. Whether for advertising, for security, for safety or for any reasons you choose, one way vision is the way. Whatever your market or application.


Product Description

OurĀ One way vision printing

Options available:

  • One way vision
  • Gloss micro-perforated window graphic
  • 160 microns thick with 1.5mm perforations
  • 50/50 light transmission
  • Ideal for window displays for vehicles and shops
  • Use for up to 1 year outdoor
  • Excellent removability up to one year after application